Due to incredible support for the Women’s March on Washington, all of the eastern seaboard is experiencing huge shortages of available charter buses. While we formerly offered seats on buses we helped arrange back in November, all seats are currently sold out. We do not have alternative vehicles or seats to offer at this time. There is no waitlist.

We strongly encourage you to sign up to our newsletter so you can find out if we obtain any additional transportation options. Also, please check-in frequently with our Facebook event page where New Yorkers are regularly posting their available seats on privately chartered buses.

If you have privately chartered a bus please fill out this survey so we can account for numbers of vehicles leaving NYC and better prepare DC for our arrival. Also, we will offer your bus captains training guidance if requested.  

PLEASE NOTE: There is NO centralized parking for the Women’s March on Washington. If you have privately chartered a vehicle it is up to your bus company to locate and finalize parking details in Washington, DC. This is not the responsibility of riders or reservation holders, and any reputable company will have no problem securing the proper permits. If there are any issues you can direct your bus company contact to the national transportation Women’s March organizer Mike Dunn at mike@womensmarch.com.

If you are traveling by bus, please prepare for needing to take Washington DC local Metro upon arrival.

Metro Directions from RFK Stadium to Rally Location


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Posted by Karen Waltuch on Tuesday, January 17, 2017