day-of-march: What you need to know

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Where will New Yorkers be meeting in Washington, DC?
We are anticipating attendance of over 15,000 New Yorkers. Given the large numbers, there is no one specific convening spot for our group. NYC Chapters leaders will be meeting at DC’s Union Station at 9:30 AM. They invite all fellow New Yorkers to help present the New York City banners and lead the pre-march to Independence Ave and 3rd Street SW.  They will be wearing NYC Chapter Volunteer Sashes and making themselves known!

Are New Yorkers wearing a themed item of clothing as a group?
In order to make this effort as inclusive as possible, we have refrained from suggesting a group accessory or color theme, since everyone may not have the financial flexibility to purchase new items of clothing for this event. We encourage sign-making among other kinds of creative expression! See our full list of events which features our official Sign-Making Event to be held on January 15, 2017.

Is there a theme for our homemade signs?  What should mine say?
We’ve put together a list of sayings and slogans that represent our position. Remember, this is NOT an “anti” march, this is a “PRO” march. We are marching to proudly make our voices heard and to stand together in solidarity towards progress! Be inspired by the materials and resources found here, or attend the our official Sign-Making Event to be held on January 15, 2017. Remember, if you are making a sign don't use wooden or metal sticks, and be mindful of anything that could be construed as a weapon.  It's best to just use poster or foam core board and hold signs in your hands!

Do I need a metrocard?
The DC Metro is fully aware of the great number of visitors expected during inauguration weekend. Although every effort will be made to keep public transportation running smoothly, LONG lines should be expected throughout the metropolitan area. The NYC Chapter had previously advised the online purchase of DC metrocards, but this is no longer an option as the pre-purchased metrocards will not arrive to your home in New York before the March. If you are able, we encourage walking from RFK Stadium (the major bus drop-off parking lot), which is 1.8 miles due east of the convening spot at Independence Ave and 3rd Street SW. For those taking the subway, there are many lines with stations close to the march. Given heavy security in the area, station closures and street blockades should be expected. Start your journey to the March with an open mind and patience for unexpected detours or delays.

Can we leave personal things on the buses?
Each bus company may have their own policy. We have been advised by US Coachways buses that all vehicles will either be locked or attended to by a driver at all times during the day. Despite this precaution, they advise against leaving ANY VALUABLES in the bus, and that individuals are solely responsible for their personal items.

What time will the rally start?  The March?  What time will it end?
The convening time at the rally location of Independence Ave and 3rd Street SW is 10 AM. As of now, we do not have any other information about the schedule for the day-of-March.  We've been told that the March route is no longer than one mile and all March-related activity will cease by sundown.  Please stay tuned for more updates in the coming days!

When will I know the exact departure details of my trip on your organized US Coachways bus?
If you booked a seat on a bus organized by the NYC Chapter, you have an open account with Crowdtrips/US Coachways. Please sign in to your account and look at “My Trips” to view the pick-up address and time.  If you have any difficulty, please email for assistance.

I'm still looking for a spot on a bus, can you help?
All the bus routes we've directly helped to organize are now full. We suggest checking our Facebook event page regularly, as private travelers on other charters have been posting seats for sale. We have also put together some helpful tips about bus and car travel, including a promotion through Enterprise-Car-Share. 

Where can I find info about travel plans or connect with organizers of other states and regions outside of NYC?
Please look at the ‘About’ tab on our Facebook event page for a complete list of other chapters. 

What are my rights as a protester and what do I do if I'm stopped by police on January 21?


I'm a member of the press and would like to cover NYC/Downstate participation in the march?
For all media questions, please email

Is there a hashtag for our group?
#womensmarchnyc is the official hashtag for the NYC Chapter. You can use #WhyIMarch to share your reasons for taking part in this historic event.